All the pictures on our site are past concrete projects of ours.  Some contractors may display pictures of concrete projects that were not created by them.  However, we prefer customers to see what type of service they will receive when choosing us for their concrete project.  That is why we only show pictures of our very own projects we have completed.  Many of the photos are of aged concrete that still looks great.  We want customers to see the integrity of the projects we provide.  We have pictured decorative stamped and stained concrete projects of driveways, including broom finished driveways.  Also standard broom finish concrete swimming pool decks as well as decorative finished concrete swimming pool decks.  Slick finished concrete basements, industrial projects and commercial concrete projects are also pictured.  We have installed concrete for many restaurant chains.  Remember we are a one stop for all concrete services saving customers time and money.  We offer the entire concrete job scope in house. 
From concrete removal and formwork to pour and finish, we can complete the project from beginning to end.  Any custom concrete project one may desire, we will provide.  We are satisfied when the customer is happy with the project.  We have a complaint free history of nearly two decades since our business was established initially as B & C Concrete.  We are maintaining that legacy as Raleigh Concrete from the name change in 2008.  Please see our rating by the Better Business Bureau by clicking the BBB link anywhere on our website.  Additionally it is best to avoid hiring a general contractor for concrete projects.  Go straight to the source by hiring a specialty contractor who knows the specifics of the trade therefore achieving a better price and final project. 

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